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Changes in Jump Desktop for Android

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posted this on November 21, 2011, 20:09

Jump Desktop for Android 5.0 (released Nov 13):

  • New: Updated RDP and VNC engines with lots of bug fixes and compatibility updates
  • New: Windows 8 Touch Redirection support
  • New: Stylus support (click the Stylus button for right click)
  • New: Black and white and Grayscale quality options for VNC and Mac connections that reduce bandwidth by up to 80%
  • Fixed: Washed out screen on some Samsung devices
  • New: Smarter panning that locks the display when the mouse circle is turned off
  • New: Fullscreen support - Jump now hides the top status bar on phones
  • New: Added 'Cmd' key in functional keyboard when connecting to Mac machines
  • New: Added 'PrintScrn' key in the functional keyboard
  • New: More keyboard layouts for RDP
  • Lots of other tiny bug fixes

Jump Desktop for Android 4.0.6 (released April 26):

  • Stability and reliability fixes

Jump Desktop for Android 4.0.5 (released April 17):

  • Fixed: Shift key was not working properly on external keyboards with Windows VNC
  • Fixed: Stability fixes

Jump Desktop for Android 4.0.4 (released March 15):

  • Fixed: Back button does not work on some device
  • Fixed: Video in usage tips was not shown correctly

Jump Desktop for Android 4.0.2 (released March 8):

  • New: Auto correct support for faster typing (tap the pen icon).
  • New: Fullscreen mode for docked configurations.
  • New: Better and faster physical mouse support on Android 3.2 and above.
  • New: Inline tutorial and tips.
  • Fixed: Password was saved across session connects when autosave was turned off (though it wasn't saved after the app closed or restarted).
  • Fixed: Functional keyboard was not hiding properly on Android 2.x.
  • Fixed: Stability issues.

Jump Desktop for Android 3.3 (released Feb 19):

  • New: Pen gesture profile similar to iOS which can be used to write or draw on screen.
  • New: Add ability to hide the mouse cursor and/or mouse circle 
  • Fixed: SSH connection option is now removed for automatic / gmail connections as they do not have any effect.
  • Fixed: Lock orientation to Portrait or Landscape mode if RDP's resolution is set to use either.
  • Fixed: Hang when connecting to certain Windows Server machines
  • Fixed: Sporadic black, empty screen displayed after connecting to a server

Jump Desktop for Android 3.2.2 (released Feb 1):

  • New: Backup and Restore server lists
  • Fixed: Pressing backspace sometimes results in deleting 2 characters instead of one
  • Fixed: Crash when switching orientation and multitasking away from the app
  • Fixed: Crash when showing the email credential dialog

Jump Desktop for Android 3.2.1 (released Jan 20):

  • FIXED: Crash when multitasking away from Jump and Google credentials dialog is displayed
  • FIXED: XMPP error messages are not displayed on the main screen after the first connection attempt

Jump Desktop for Android 3.2.0 (released Jan 19):

  • NEW: Add the ability to create home screen shortcuts to computers: Android: How to add home screen shortcuts 
  • NEW: RDP Printer redirection support via XPS files: How to enable RDP printer redirection
  • NEW: RDP Start options
  • NEW: Option to ignore Alt key presses for devices with physical keyboards (Droid 2)
  • FIXED: Turning off the 'Save Password' option in Global Settings clears all passwords
  • FIXED: Fixed some memory leaks
  • FIXED: Orientation change during the initial stages of connection attempt caused Jump to revert to the main screen

Jump Desktop for Android 3.1.0 (released Jan 10): 

  • NEW: SSH Tunneling
  • NEW: Launch Jump via a URL intent: Launching Jump from other apps
  • NEW: Options for reversing scroll wheel direction and swapped mouse buttons
  • FIXED: Issue with Kindle Fire where the keyboard wasn't popping up
  • FIXED: Option to disable optimized screen redraws for devices where the remote screen appears completely black

Jump Desktop for Android 3.0.1 (released Jan 3):


  • FIXED: Theme problem on Android 3.0 and 3.1. 


Jump Desktop for Android 3.0.0 (released Jan 3rd):

  • NEW: UI Refresh  

Jump Desktop for Android 2.6.11 (released Dec 24):

  • FIXED: Crash on Galaxy Nexus / ICS 4.0.
  • FIXED: Physical keyboard keys on Asus Eee Pad.
  • Show functional keys at the start of the session by default.

Jump Desktop for Android 2.6.8 (released Dec 7):

  • NEW: Inertial panning.
  • NEW: Support for extremely large remote resolutions on Android 3.0 and above.
  • FIXED: Rare issue where the screen went black on while panning on some devices.

Jump Desktop for Android 2.6.8 (released Nov 26):

  • FIXED: Can't zoom, pan and control mouse properly when connecting to a machine that has a lower resolution than the device's resolution. 
  • FIXED: Mouse circle is now more responsive to touches and provides quicker visual feedback.
  • FIXED: More stability for users using Jump's automatic setup.
  • Added anonymous connection stats to help make Jump Desktop better. No personal information is ever sent. To opt out press the menu button in the Jump main window then press Settings and uncheck Send Feedback.

Jump Desktop for Android 2.6.6 (released Nov 22):

  • FIXED: Removed the need for "Log Data" permissions. 

Jump Desktop for Android 2.6.5 (released Nov 22):

  • NEW: External / usb keyboard support. Supports all keyboard keys and shortcut combinations. 
  • NEW: External mouse support. Using an external mouse now feels natural, like a PC. Includes support for right mouse clicks and left mouse drag.
  • NEW: Translucent functional keys, smoother animations
  • NEW: Repeatable functional keys - just keep your finger pressed and it'll repeat like a natural keyboard
  • NEW: 'Zoom-to-fit' feature. Press the search button on your phone / device to activate. Automatically cycles between 1:1 and fit-to screen.
  • NEW: Improved gesture recognition support
  • NEW: Clipboard sharing (Android 3.0+)
  • NEW: Audio streaming for (RDP only)
  • NEW: Custom resolution support for RDP. Also includes new automatic modes: 'Landscape', 'Portrait' and 'Match Orientation'.
  • NEW: Confirm before disconnecting
  • NEW: RDP keyboard layouts for international users
  • NEW: Better screen panning for tablets
  • NEW: Context menu for managing server lists
  • FIXED: Better reliability with Google based connections
  • FIXED: RDP crash when selecting 24bit color
  • FIXED: Extra character added to RDP password when password field was empty
  • other reliability fixes...


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