iOS: Physical Keyboard Support and Macros




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    Steve Ause

    I have an Apple Blue Tooth Keyboard for my iPad.  Is "alt" accomplished with shift-option?  In any event, using shift-option-Fkey, it doesn't seem to go through.


    How do I send an F key to my remote system?

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    Gene Chua
    I RDP into my windows machine at work, and from there I have many ssh terminal sessions open to various linux servers. However, I can't seem to use some of the most common cli navigation keyboard shortcuts like: would it be possible to add the following, which are standard unix cli text navigation: CTRL + B Moves the cursor backward one character. CTRL + C Cancels the currently running command. CTRL + D Logs out of the current session. CTRL + F Moves the cursor forward one character. CTRL + H Erase one character. Similar to pressing backspace. CTRL + P Paste previous line(s). CTRL + S Stops all output on screen (XOFF). CTRL + Q Turns all output stopped on screen back on (XON). CTRL + U Erases the complete line. CTRL + W Deletes the last word typed in. For example, if you typed 'mv file1 file2' this shortcut would delete file2. CTRL + Z Cancels current operation, moves back a directory or takes the current operation and moves it to the background. See bg command for additional information about background.

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