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    Jump Desktop Support (Edited )

    Thanks for the comments folks. I'm sorry if we're not rolling out features fast enough. I can tell you that resolution switching, remote audio, remote file sharing and WOL are top priority Fluid features at the moment that we will be implementing incrementally. 

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    Jordan Zimmitti

    Very happy to hear, I will be using fluid once the resolution switching is available. Can't wait!!

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    Jin Lee


    We are solution provider based on mini PC for replace VDI for some customer who doesn't want to pay virtualization solutions. you can check out our website

    We been looking for high performance remote desktop solutions which can replace RDP and Windows Terminal Service because of license issues.

    I think Fluid is most closed solution to our needs (Frankly speaking, PCoIP is best but expensive)

    At this moment, Fluid not support sound yet.

    Please let me know when can you release new version of Fluid which support sound and USB redirection  & Fluid client for Android device.

    We are using android 7.0 or higher version supported TVbox based client machine.

    If you interesting our new RDI(Real Desktop Infrastructure) solutions and can co-work, 

    read this article :


    I will contact your business department soon.

    This comment is just expression for how we impressed about your work.



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    Jin Lee

    one more comment.

    We are testing Fluid on 3 type of Intel NUC mini PC.

    NUC5i5MYHE gen5 i5 2 core 4 thread

    NUC7i7BNH gen7 i7 2 core 4 thread

    NUC7PJYH gen7 pentium silver 4 core 4 thread


    What i realized via test, Fluid using a lot of CPU power but not much GPU.

    All of these CPU support quick sync.

    Fluid support quick sync and HW acceleration for intel GPUs?


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    Jay Jefferson



    Are there any plans to get Fluid support on Linux (most notably Ubuntu)?  I have two Linux machines I use VNC on that I'd love to see this technology using.





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    I am a new Jump convert (from Logmein).  I am having a problem switching users on one of my remote Macs. The mac is running El Capitan and has 2 user accounts, one administrator level and one standard level.  I originally installed Jump Desktop Connect on that mac's administrator level user.  I can remotely connect to that user account fine with Jump Desktop, but when I try to switch to the other user account (a standard account) on the same mac, it fails.  Fast user switching will bring up the login for the other user, I can enter the password, but then Jump goes back to the original user.  I have remotely restarted the computer and only logged in to the standard user account, but still Jump just opens the administrator user account.  Both appear to be logged in when I go to the login page, but I cannot access the second user.  Is there something I am doing wrong?

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    Josh Daniels

    When will sound be added to fluid? I’ve been seeing posts that it’s coming soon since 2017

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    Alexander Schindler

    Its really "funny" right?

    Fluid seems to be great, but without Audio its use-cases are very limited... No Video, no Gaming and so on.

    Will Audio ever be implemented? Doesnt look like this... :-(

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    Jump Desktop Support

    @Alexander, Audio will come to Fluid. 

    @Jin Lee, Thanks for the benchmarks. What resolution are you running at? Fluid does have some GPU offload, however you're right in thinking it doesn't utilize QuickSync...yet. This is on our radar - but this is going to come after we add Audio support.

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    Jump Desktop Support

    @Jay Linux support: Yes, we do plan on adding Linux support, however this is in our medium term plans.

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    Jump Desktop Support

    @Joedds Please take a look at this help article:

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