VNC: How to configure Norton to allow incoming remote desktop connections




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    igor westra

    I did all this but norton still won't allow. I even put Allow on the jumpdesk exe.

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    Jump Desktop Support

    @igor can you please tell me the error message you receive when you try to connect from Jump? Here are a couple of other thing you might want to allow:

    1) Incoming TCP connections to port 5900 from .

    2) Add 'JumpService.exe' to your safe programs list

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    Jump Desktop Support

    @igor: We've updated the instructions.

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    Fred Smit

    Be forewarned that as soon as you open the external  firewall port of 5900 hundreds of VNC login requests will start appearing on a daily basis into your home network. 


    Make sure you have a VNC connect password setup on the server or it will be taken over immediately. 


    I port map the actual exposed port to a different  range in 15000 or higher.


    vncclient <IP>:15500 maps to 5900. 


    for instance.



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