General: Can not log in - Windows Credentials dialog keeps popping up




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    An L

    What if there is no password?

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    Effendy Mohamed

    I am using windows 10 home, and domain is workgroup. I have checked settngs for remote service, only remote assistance available. I have with and wthut domain name and username with the slashes. None of them works. Cant fnd NLA though

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    Marg D

    This article doesn’t clearly show how to rectify this issue:

    1). There isnt an arrow but an i in a circle 

    2). There is no scroll in order to see the Nla

    i cannot connect to the remote pc... been at it several hours... 

    is there another option to connect to a pc? (Simple and concise directions?)

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    Graziano Remo (Edited )


    I had the very same issue with the latest Windows 10 installation (May 7, 2018)

    After many hours of testing I found the issue and a solution that, at least, worked for me:

    Windows User Name AND the Computer name were the same (User=PC, Computer's Name=PC) , so i changed the computer's name in PC-i7 and after a restart I was able to get connected ! (Don't ask me why !)


    I hope this help.


    NOTE: the windows PC MUST HAVE A PASSWORD !

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