General: Trouble connecting after updating Jump Desktop for iOS / Mac?




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    Anthony Mellor

    so now I have two programs and all my remote connections to machines in other countries are now broken. without any warning at install time.

    not happy!

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    Anthony Mellor

    my dad is now 85 and expecting him to follow the install connect instructions , despite their simplicity, means he has not had my help now ever since i ran the update. you crippled us until i drive down there , a thousand miles, to run the install myself. You should NOT have crippled the old connection method before me being assured I could still connect to do whatever is necessary. same goes with another person I help, a thousand miles in the opposite direction.

    sure the new facilities are great, but a crippled system reduces all that greatness to nothing.

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    Jump Desktop Support

    @Anthony - I'm sorry you're having trouble connecting. Here's something you can do right now to fix this:

    Download the legacy versions of Jump Desktop for Mac or Jump Desktop PC Viewer to temporarily connect to the remote machines and force the upgrade to Jump Desktop Connect. Here are the links:

    1. Mac:
    2. Windows:

    I hope this helps.

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    George Montanez

    Still no update to the android app? It has been a year and I still can't connect to my Windows boxes that I upgraded. I had no idea it would break my program and now I'm out of luck.

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    Jump Desktop Support

    George, the Jump Desktop 7.0 Android beta is live:

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    George Montanez
    Unfortunately, I purchased the app from the Amazon App store, so I can't access the beta on Google Play. I guess I'll try to email the customer support and see if they can help.
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    Cheryl Powers

    I purchased this product from the ITunes Mac Store.  I have Version 6.0.3 (168) installed on my Macbook pro.  I can connect without any problems through both my email or my gmail account to my other MacBook Pro, but I cannot connect to my PC.  Getting error code 4.5 (0*5).  I have also deactivated the PC's antivirus protection, which has caused problems for me in the past.  When I reached out to customer service last night, they told me to:  

    I'm really sorry we do not offer phone support but I should be able to help you right here.
    1. Download this on your Mac: and run it. Then click on 'Automatic Setup' and enter your Gmail account details
    2. On each of your remote machines visit: and follow the instructions there.
    Once you've completed the instructions in #2 - Jump Desktop on your Mac will automatically display an icon for each remote machine you set up in #2.
    Click on the icon to connect

    When I try to do #1, I get a note telling me i need a license code (which I didn't get due to buying it through the ITunes store).  I have already REPEATEDLY installed, uninstalled, reinstalled,, on the PC.  The PC is showing "ready for remote access" w/ the correct gmail account for remote access listed.  

    The PC is showing in my list of computers which my MacBook Pro has accessibilty to......I just don't ever connect.  I either get the error code above, or a note saying the PC is not on-line.  Please help me!!!!

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    Jump Desktop Support

    Hi Cheryl,

    1. If you've bought Jump Desktop through the iTunes store, then you don't need to download the trial version. You can skip step #1.


    To fix the issue you're hitting, enable Fluid Remote Desktop on your PC. Try the following steps ON your PC:

    1. Open up Jump Desktop Connect and click the settings icon on the top right.

    2. Then click "Advanced". Disable RDP and VNC by unchecking the RDP and VNC boxes. Enable Fluid Remote Desktop by enabling the "Fluid Remote Desktop" check box. 

    3. Next, go back to Jump Desktop Mac on your Mac Book Pro. You will see a new, light blue icon for your computer in Jump. Click it to connect.

    Let me know if you have trouble with this.

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    Chris Downing

    That's a nice workaround from Jump Desktop Support and Fluid will be a much more bandwidth efficient solution once it matures. I have had situations where Fluid will connect where RDP / VNC will not and I have had situations where the opposite is the case. However this is not a "fix" for why we are getting "error code 4.5 (0*5)"

    One suggestion might be because Windows RDP / MacOS Screen Sharing rely on the OS built in remote control services. The older version(s) of Jump Desktop Connect checked and or enabled these services when installed. It appears the current version does not.

    I have been able to fix the error by enabling remote connections in the OS.

    Windows: Control Panel --> System and Security --> System --> Advanced System Settings --> Remote --> Remote Desktop. Select:"Allow Remote connections to this computer"

    MacOS: System Preferences --> Sharing. Enable: "Screen Sharing".

    Hope this helps.

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    Brian Ronsayro

    I followed the directions from Chris, above and it worked!  Thanks for circling back to this board to share your success.  So often, we find what we want and get on with our busy lives.  I appreciate that he decided to give back!

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    Majid Heydari
    Hi, I'm from Iran, I'm connected to Android
    I can not use vnc option
    I put a photo of the erection here
    If the computer is patched online
    Please advise

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