Android: Crash after upgrading to Jump Desktop Connect




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    Rhonda Lea Kirk Fries

    Might be a good idea to fix the url for the Windows installer. You have a transposition. This is the corrected url:

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    the link is not working for the legacy version windows!!!!!!!!!  Get your act together the is getting bad!!!You had a good product now it sucks!!!!!

    where is the legacy download??????

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    Jump Desktop Support

    @Joe - sorry about that - fixed the link for you.

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    After upgrading to Jump Desktop Connect , I met the crash when connecting through my gmail account.
    There was no problem to connect through the lan to the TightVNC.

    After I uninstalled it and reinstalled the older version, connecting through my gmail account recovered.
    However, I can't connect to my computer through the lan now.
    I get a "Connection refused" message.
    I didn't change any settings.
    Any idea?

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    Mark Titus

    I have checked the connect version and it doesn't appear to have the beta viewer still ? Anyways, look forward to the fixed android client as this is still a great product no matter how many exclamation marks folks use ;)

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    Jonny Tenebrous

    Yep, experiencing this crash bug when connecting through my Nexus 10 running Lollipop.  I can't be bothered to downgrade my desktop client now that I've upgraded it, so I'll just wait... hope you can update the Android app soon.

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    Bob Endicott

    When is this crash going to be fixed?  We should not have to downgrade our desktop software for a work around.  This has been an issue for far too long.

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    William Eng
    I am connecting to devices with both Jump Desktop running on both iOS and Android devices and downgrading is not an option. Please provide resolution.
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    Jump Desktop Support


    Just want to let everyone know that we've released Jump Desktop 7.0 Beta for Android. To install the beta simply opt-in to the beta using the following Google Play store link: 


    Once you opt in you'll have access to the beta version on the Google Play store. Simply update to get the beta release.

    Important Stuff:

    1. You will not be able to download the beta if you haven't already purchased Jump Desktop from the Google Play store.

    2. When you click the link, make sure you're logged into the same Google account you used to purchase Jump Desktop from the Google Play Store earlier.

    3. Automatic setup users: The current beta release only works with Jump Desktop Connect.  It does not work with old versions of Jump Desktop automatic setup. Please make sure you update your PC or Mac to the latest Jump Desktop Connect app using this link:

    4. To send feedback please post here: or send email to .

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    Kenneth Earle

    I need an executable that I can use to upgrade the remote PCs to Jump Desktop Connect. Or at least something someone on site can execute. Right now, it looks like the existing version needs to be removed and the JDC needs to be installed like a new install. This way would require me to give out my credentials, which violates PCI. I'm hoping you guys can come up with a way to upgrade while preserving my settings and credentials. I'm several hours from my customers.  Looking for some help. Thanks 

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    Jump Desktop Support

    @Kenneth: When you install JDC on the remote PC - it will leave the old version intact. As soon as you sign into JDC  (i.e. once initial configuration is done), it will then proceed to uninstall the old version. This way you can upgrade to the new version remotely.

    Also incase it helps: JDC lets you add multiple accounts to a computer (i.e., This way -incase you need it - you can create a temporary account have it update on-site. Then login via temporary account and add your own account to it. 


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