General: Upgrading to Jump Desktop Connect




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    Anthony Mellor

    So, a friend of mine is having trouble and I have just offered to help him out. Hesitatingly I am considering risking Jump Desktop, which has never served its purpose since the divorce. What do I tell him to do so I can connect? 

    I am totally unclear whether this is supported or whether you require further license payments - which if you do that does not match my model and I will use an alternative. 

    On the other hand is JDC supposed to facilitate just what I would like to do? or not? 

    The idea is for me to NOT have to share with the remote user my google password.

    Apologies for my no doubt apparent frustration, but it is a very long time of continuing grief with JD since you broke it.


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    Anthony Mellor

    there's a very very old adage in life and in business, "if it is not broken do not fix it". It wasn't broken.

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