General: Do I have to pay again if I want to install Jump on another device that I own?




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    Mark Pando

    Hello.  I have jump desktop installed, configured and logged in through gmail- on my work pc, private network.  I also have jump on my ipad, and i am testing to see if I can make a remote connection.  So far, I am unable to complete the automatic connection on the iPad.  I can configure my gmail, but once I complete the email setup, the only option is to go back to General Setting.  There is no option to connect.  I have about 10 work related connections saves, VNC and RDP for various access, but my Gmail connectio does not show up as one of those available connections.  Please help

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    Riyad Williams

    I purchased your program for my iphone which i use to control my iMAC at home.  Now i see you have a Jump Desktop Remote viewer for the mac itself. Do i have to buy that one as well to install on my macbook pro to control my iMac at home?

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