User account is getting lock on Active Directory



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    David Collantes (Edited )

    He is typing the wrong password more than three times, so his account gets locked. Forgetting the password is, sadly, something that happens often to "big bosses." Either set a different group policy for him, or just become his assistant and type the password for him. 😂

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    I've been having the same issue!


    I thought it was someone trying to hack into a few servers but it seems definitely related to Jump. I log onto a server with a domain admin account, a few minutes later that account is locked out in AD. 


    I've changed the account name and password & a few minutes later after logging onto a server with Jump, it's locked out again. It seems very unlikely it's anything else since I changed the account login name & password, logged on with the new account name in Jump and 15 minutes later it's locked out again.


    It's obviously not a password issue since I get logged on, THEN the lockout occurs. 

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