Windows 10 Fluid vs RDP?



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    Jim Hulburt

    I have the same question. Also, can you please provide the advantages to using Fluid versus RDP?  Like the user above, I would prefer that my PC appear locked when access remotely from a Windows 10 machine.

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    Jump Desktop Support (Edited )

    Fluid and RDP are different protocols and they both have their strengths. I'll present a comparison below between the current version of Fluid (1.0) and RDP. I want to point out that we're actively developing Fluid and adding new features to it (work on Fluid 2.0 has already started)  so please keep in mind that "RDP Pros" may change as Fluid gains more features in the near future. The list below outlines the current state:

    RDP Pros vs Fluid 1.0:

    • Requires Windows Professional, Ultimate or Server
    • Can switch remote display layout to match local computer's display layout
    • Locks the remote screen. 
    • Audio streaming
    • Printer and folder sharing

    Fluid 1.0 Pros vs RDP:

    • Cross platform and works on all editions of Windows including Home. Also works on Macs. 
    • Very fast, even on lossy networks - can hit 60fps on a local network. 
    • Collaboration friendly: Users can collaborate on the same desktop. Locking the desktop is not mandatory as in the case of RDP. This helps during presentations and pair coding / work.
    • Better international keyboard support
    • Multi-monitor aware (you can switch between remote monitors)

    VNC Pros vs Fluid 1.0:

    • None.If you're on VNC, then we recommend you switch to Fluid. Theres nothing that standard VNC offers that Fluid 1.0 already doesn't have. 
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    Ed Matrak

    Can we get an update on when windows RDP support will be back. Its been a month+ and all we've been told is soon. It really sucked when you pulled a feature without telling anyone or providing backwards support. I paid for apps on my phone and iPad (which admittedly still work with RDP), but only because the windows client was excellent.

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