Fluid desktop works like RDP on windows server 2016


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    Jump Desktop Support


    Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.

    1. Fluid is different from RDP - in the sense that it mirrors the remote screen - as you already have found out. Because of this, it will present the same resolution as the remote computer's physical monitor. In a future update, we'll add the ability to automatically switch resolution on the remote computer, _however_ this will not be as flexible as RDP's resolution switching because it will be limited to the resolution the graphics card + monitor combo attached to the remote computer can support.

    2. If your computer is RDP capable, you can always turn on RDP mode for Jump: Open up the Jump Desktop Connect app on the remote machine and then click the settings icon and then click Configuration Wizard and select RDP. Once you're done - you should see a new, red icon for the same computer in Jump. Use that to connect. Note: Fluid icons are usually light blue in color and RDP is red in Jump. 

    One caveat for 2: If you're using the Jump Desktop for Windows to connect the remote computers, then you will NOT see the RDP icon pop up. We're going t be releasing a new update for Jump Desktop for Windows shortly that adds RDP support (it's already supported on iOS/Android and Mac).


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