Known issues with "Key conversions" in Mac client version 7?




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    Jump Desktop Support


    1. 7.0.1 had known issues with key conversions - including the Alt+Left problem you noticed. 7.0.3 address all known issues with key conversions and 7.0.4 had other fixes rolled into it. Are you sure you were using 7.0.3 and not 7.0.1? 

    2. You're correct the key conversion configuration file has changed since 6.0 and is no longer _backwards_ compatible (it is forward compatible though). You can backup your config by copying the following file:

    Mac App Store version: ~/Library/Containers/com.p5sys.jump.mac.viewer/Data/Documents/JumpDesktop/Viewer/JDInputProfile.plist


    Non-mac App Store version: ~/Documents/JumpDesktop/Viewer/JDInputProfile.plist       


    Please do try out 7.0.4 and let me know if your issue is fixed.

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    Thank you very much for the quick reply! I backed up the settings and tried upgrading again to 7.0.4 - and everything seems to work great.

    (You're right, I was mistaken about the version I had issues with - it was indeed 7.0.1.)

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