No sound through IOS program



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    Jump Desktop Support

    We're working on this. We'll be adding sound support to Fluid Remote Desktop in the near future.

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    Jump Desktop Support

    Hi, if you're running Windows 7 Professional, then try switching to using RDP mode: Open up the "Jump Desktop Connect" app on your Windows machine and then click the settings icon on the top right and then the click 'Configuration Wizard'. This will launch Jump's configuration app. If you see an option there for "Windows Remote Desktop", select that and run through the wizard. Once you're done open up Jump on your iOS device and you should see a new icon for your computer with "RDP" in the name. Tap that to connect and it should have sound redirection enabled.

    We're also working on adding sound support for non Windows Professional machines and Macs for our next update.

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    Fantastic, thank you. Will the Fluid remote desktop see sound as well?

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    Mitch Pauwels

    @jump desktop support , still no sound on iPad connected to Mac 

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