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    Jump Desktop Support

    Jump Desktop supports two ways of connecting:

    Manual connections: You can manually specify the IP address of the RDP or VNC server you want to connect to. This method of connection does not require running any apps on the server side, it doesn't require an internet connection or any external services. You will need to make sure that the computer you're connecting to is directly reachable via TCP and that the RDP/VNC/ARD server is running on the remote computer.

    Automatic connections via Jump Desktop Connect: Automatic connections via Jump Desktop Connect ( installed on the remote machine. These connections are peer-to-peer and require an internet connection so that they can be bootstrapped via our cloud service. You can connect to RDP, VNC or Fluid Remote Desktop ( using the Jump Desktop Connect app. This is the easiest way to connect if you don't want to deal with port forwarding, encryption details and firewalls. Everything is automatically taken care of via Jump Desktop Connect. All you need is a Jump Desktop account.  

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