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    Jump Desktop Support

    Thats strange. Do you mean the cursor isn't aligning up properly with the remote computer (i.e. you have to click at an offset)? Which VNC server is running on the Windows machine? 

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    Justin Powell

    That correct. For example, i’f I want to click on the Start Button on WS 12 I need my curser to be in the middle of the screen so the Windows curser will be where it needs to be. I am running Jump Desk on my MB Pro OS to connect into the server which is hosted by Contabo. It is their standard VPS M package running Windows Server

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    Jump Desktop Support (Edited )

    Thanks Justin. So, did you actually install a VNC server inside the VPS or are you connecting to a VNC server provided by Contabo?

    We’ve seen that VNC servers running OUTSIDE a VPS instance have trouble with aligning the mouse pointer - and even sending keystrokes to the VPS. This happens because the external VNC server usually doesn’t have an idea where the mouse pointer is inside the VPS. In such instances we usually recommend directly connecting to the VPS via RDP or by running your own VNC/Fluid server inside the VPS instance - that should fix the problem.

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    Justin Powell

    Thanks! RDP worked great!

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    Goyo Hernandez

    Hi there!

    I have the same problem using VNC, but when I try to connect vía RDP I get this Connection Error:

    "There was an error connecting to the computer. Error Code: 2.35 (0x23)."

    Any idea of what could I do?

    Thank you!

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