Using Jumpdesk with apple lap top to access photo/movie on imac - fast enough / practicle?




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    Jump Desktop Support

    I think it'll work quite well. Jump Desktop now supports a new protocol called Fluid Remote Desktop which is much faster than traditional VNC or RDP. It supports full motion video streaming among other things.

    Note: At this time audio streaming isn't supported with Fluid, however, we plan on adding this in very soon.

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    Garth Schindel (Edited )

    Thanks for the reply that sounds great.  Would this work just as well on a windows laptop? or do I need to stick with apple to talk to an imac?  Also does Fluid Remote work better with a certain level of processor?

    And just to check - I'm hoping to do more than just remotely access my imac - I would like to be able to edit pics / movies on the imac, using the laptop.  Possible?


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    Tripp C


    for Mac or iOS to Mac, using the Fluid Remote Desktop app makes everything so good.  Ive used a lot of remote clients and the fluid remote desktop protocol is so much better than the others (VNC, RDP).  

    as for what you can do, it depends on your internet speed but it basically opens up a new window that is a screen of your remote computer, so you can do what ever you want.  

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    Garth Schindel

    Thanks. So how about going from a pc to a mac?

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    Jump Desktop Support

    @Garth: Yes you can connect from PC to Mac. Visit and click the "Get It for Windows" button.

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