On iPad Pro Ctrl Alt Delete is not working to log on Win 7




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    Jump Desktop Support

    Ah - sorry, I thought you were using a physical keyboard!

    Yeah - there is a dedicated Ctrl+Alt+Del button in the utiiity keyboards. Also you can find the 'Del' key in the utility keyboard as well (this way you can individually press the Ctrl and Alt buttons). Note: Backspace is NOT the same thing as Del - I think that might have been the issue you're hitting.

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    Jump Desktop Support

    Hi Jim,

    We released Jump Desktop 7.3.3 for iOS a little more than week ago. Can you please let me know if it helps? 

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    Jump Desktop Support


    Just following up on this. Were you able to reproduce this with 7.3.3?

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    Jlm Comp Z

    Problem solved...  I found that there is a ctl/alt/delete combo key on one of the alternate keyboards that works just fine.  So far this is a great app.  

    Thanks for the follow up.  

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