How old of an OS with this work with?



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    Jump Desktop Support

    Donny: The way to get this to work on the same network is:

    1. First, on the Mac you're trying to connect TO: Open up System Preferences -> Sharing and make sure 'Screen sharing' is enabled. Then make a note of the 'Computer name'. We'll need the computer name in the next step.

    2. Next, on Jump Desktop on your iOS / Mac / Android device: Create a new connecting (File -> Add New on Mac or + icon on iOS / Android) and then in the 'Host' section type in the name you found in 1 followed by the suffix '.local'. Any spaces should be replaced by an '-'. For example if your mac's name is 'mymac' then the 'Host' will be: mymac.local .

    3. Then make sure the 'Type' of the connection is set to 'VNC'

    4. Thats it - save your connection and try connecting using the new connection icon.

    Note: This only works when you're on the same LAN / Wifi network as the target machine. 

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    Jump Desktop Support

    You can connect to 10.5.8 however, you'll have to manually enable the ARD/VNC server on 10.5.8 and connect to it manually via it's IP address / hostname. 

    The free automatic setup app (Jump Desktop Connect) requires 10.7 or later.

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    Kevin Bromfield

    OK, great.

    Can you point me toward some instructions to do this?  It was super easy to set it up over our network but not so much when I try using the IP address.  I keep getting the "There was an error connecting to the computer. Error Code: 2.50 (0x32)."


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    Donny Hornstein


    Did you ever get this working?

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