Connecting Mac Laptop to Windows Desktop



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    Jump Desktop Support (Edited )



    1. I can confirm that it's a onetime license fee for the Mac version. Thats all you need to purchase to connect TO other machines (it can be Windows or Macs).

    2. There are two ways to connect: manual via IP address or using our free "Jump Desktop Connect" app. Unless you know exactly what you're doing and have Remote Desktop already setup, we recommend using the Jump Desktop Connect app to manage the connection for you - it makes it much easier and quicker to get started.

    3. Your under standing of the automatic setup process is dead on: You simply download and install the free Jump Desktop Connect app on the machine you want to connect TO (we have Windows and Mac versions). Once installed, you add / log into your Jump Desktop account (you can have multiple accounts associated with one machine). Next, you open up Jump Desktop on your Mac / Android / iOS / PC and sign into the same Jump Desktop account. You'll see an icon for your machine there. Tap it to connect. You can add as many machines to your account as you want by simply installing the Jump Desktop Connect app on the remote machines.

    4. Mac Shortcuts work on Windows desktop: Yes! Jump Desktop for Mac has an advanced key mapper that lets you re-map keyboard shortcuts. By default it maps a bunch of Mac shortcuts to their Windows equivalents - but this is completely customizable and you can edit / remove / add your own combinations.

    5. "What features may not work using this service?": I'm not sure I completely understand. However, if you mean the "Jump Desktop Connect' service - then all features work with Jump Desktop Connect. It also supports multiple protocols. By default it uses the "Fluid Remote Desktop" protocol to connect, but if your machine supports it, it can also use RDP or VNC (you can change these settings in Jump Desktop Connect).



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    Nathan A

    Wow! This company has an incredible support team! I wasn't expecting a response until tomorrow at the earliest. Thanks so much for that prompt reply.

    I am 110% going to try this when I get home and set it up! Thanks for allowing us a 14 day free trial so I can see if it works well for me. I have a really good feeling about it though :).

    One last question(s): Does the 14 day trial have all the features of the paid version? I am planning to buy it for my MacBook and connect to my Windows Desktop if that helps you answer the question.

    And to clear stuff up about, "What features may not work using this service?" - I meant if I am using the Jump RDP from my MacBook to my Windows computer, are there any apps "i.e. mozilla / word for windows / other apps" that have had some reported issues/bugs or don't work properly.

    Thanks again! You guys are awesome.

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    Jump Desktop Support


    1. Yes, the 14 day trail has all the features of the paid version with one exception: The trial version and the web store version of Jump Desktop for Mac do not have support for iCloud connection syncing - only the App Store version has this.

    2. Most apps should work perfectly: You might experience mouse control issues with games that require differential mouse input - we're working on fixing this.



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