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    Jump Desktop Support


    1. Fluid audio support is on the way. This will be included in Fluid 2.0
    2. You can still connect to Windows using RDP: Open up the 'Jump Desktop Connect' app on your Windows machine and then click the settings icon on the top right. Then click 'Configuration Wizard' and make sure you select 'Windows Remote Desktop' and run through the wizard. After you're done you should see a new, red icon for your computer on your iPad / iPhone / Mac / Android. 
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    THanks for the response. When i go through the config wizard I’m only offered the fluid option and not RDP

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    Alexander Schindler

    2017? Really?

    Fluid seems to be great, but without Audio its use-cases are very limited... No Video, no Gaming and so on.

    Will Audio ever be implemented or not?

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    Jump Desktop Support

    Hi @Alexander. Yes, audio streaming is going to be added to Fluid. Audio is the #1 feature request for Fluid now. I'm sorry we've failed to deliver it fast enough and I'm really sorry we gave you the wrong timeline initially. 

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