Ability to lock global settings on Windows client



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    Jump Desktop Support

    The upcoming Jump Desktop Connect 6.0 update addresses this issue: You can no longer log into another user's session; you are only allowed to log into your own session / desktop. You will be force disconnected if the Windows console session switches to another user. We're close to releasing Jump Desktop Connect 6.0 - incase you want to try it out yourself try this: Open up Jump Desktop Connect and then click the settings icon. Then click 'Updates' and make sure 'Beta updates' is checked. Then click 'Check for updates'. 

    We think this addresses the root issue behind this problem.

    Regarding the ability to LOCK Jump Desktop settings: This is a also a good feature request - we're considering adding this so that an admin can lock down settings. 


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    Jump Desktop Support


    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. On Windows with Fluid Remote Desktop, Jump always logs into the current console session (this isn't an issue on the Mac). Our upcoming update will lock the console session if it detects this condition. 

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    I agree with Bruce. This is a security risk and only administrators should be able to open the jump desktop connect settings even from the tray icon. Currently anyone can open up the app and add/remove users. There are people who snoop and it will happen. I'd be OK with just password protecting the program, so no user(s) can tamper with users and settings.

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