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    Jump Desktop Support

    1. The 2.36 error code indicates you're trying to using a manual connection to connect (i.e. you've manually entered an IP address or hostname). Setting up manually requires networking knowledge and you should skip over to #2 below if you don't feel comfortable dealing with networking details. For advanced users only: The 2.36 error code indicates that there was a problem establishing a TCP connection (TCP connection is the "2" part in the error code), with suberror 36. Suberror 36 means that you've entered a bad IP address, hostname or port and Jump can't connect to the destination because of that.

    2. Gmail address: Yes, as of now, you need to either have a or address, or your domain name should be hosted on a Google Apps account. I would recommend you take this route since it's simpler and quicker. Try signing up for a free Gmail account here:

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