Can i use the iPhone app to connect to my work laptop (which VPNs to work network) when it sits on my home network and Im outside my home network (3g)?



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    Jump Desktop Support


    What you've described is possible. Here are some notes:

    1. Jump's connection via Google login works over VPNs - the VPN connection to your office won't be severed while you're connected to your laptop.

    2. One thing you might want to double check is that you're allowed to connect to while you're on your VPN. Some VPNs are overly restrictive and they disallow outgoing connections to Google servers that Jump needs to connect to. 

    3. A really good way to verify whether it will work is to download Jump's free PC-to-PC viewer app and see if you can connect to your VPN'ed work laptop from another PC.


    Let me know if you have further questions.

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    Jump Desktop Support

    Also, another thing you can actually do is have your iPhone also connect to your work network VPN. This way you might not need to even use a Google connection. So your setup would look like this:

    iPhone (connected to the work VPN) ---><--- Work Laptop (connected to work VPN).

    This way your iPhone and Work Laptop are effectively on your work VPN connection and can communicate directly. So the connection sequence would look like this:

    1. First you connect your iPhone's VPN to your work network.

    2. Then you open up Jump and enter your computer's VPN'ed in address (this will be different from your home network's address).

    3. Then you just connect. 


    This method is a little more complicated but it works without having to need Google.

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