Multiple screen resolutions???



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    Jump Desktop Support


    Are you using the Jump Viewer app on the PC (i.e. for PC to PC connections)? If so, there is a known issue where the PC viewer reuses the last RDP settings.

    Jump on iPad / iPhone isn't effected by this bug.

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    Dan Egan

    While I do use the Jump Viewer app, this problem is with the ipad/iphone app.

    I have 3 computers I log onto from my ipad-- all 3 have different resolutions.

    Whenever I set the resolution for one computer setup --- it changes it for all 3.......


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    Jump Desktop Support


    I'm having trouble reproducing this on Jump Desktop 4.0.5. I tried with 2 RDP servers on in my list - changing the resolution settings in one server didn't have any effect on the other.

    This is what I tried: First I made sure both my servers were 'RDP' connections. Then I changed the resolution on one server by tapping the blue button next to my computer's name and then editing the 'display' row. I saved my settings and then I looked at the settings for my other server - I verified that the 'display' row remained unchanged for the 2nd server. Is this what you're trying as well?

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