Concurrent connections?



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    Jump Desktop for iOS and Android does not support concurrent connections. You can connect to a single computer only at a time.

    We might consider to add this feature in future.

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    Chris Remensperger

    Please do. There is currently no great iPad solution that currently offers this feature (that I have found). For those of us who are in the IT field, it is a must. And a basic feature (I feel). My WinAdmin which is ok on the iphone has been able to do this for years!

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    Alan Robinson
    This would be a fantastic feature. Connecting to multiple servers is extremely useful. I would pay more for this if you can do it. Also copy/paste between servers once you have multiple connections working would be icing on the cake. Thanks.
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    Cordell Jeppsen
    Let me echo what others have said on concurrent connections. I like this app. I think it is the best app of its type overall. For those of us who have to troubleshoot server farms, where several servers interact with each other, multiple connections are a must. I would use WinAdmin if they supported an external bluetooth keyboard (how do you do any meaningful editing in a .ini file without one?). If you provided multiple connection support I would have all I need.
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    Jake Vosloo (Personal)

    I concur, I'm running every RDP client available on my Note pro just to be able to have multiple concurrent remote desktop connections.

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