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    Dan, the current version of Jump Viewer (Windows) does not support it. But the next major update of Jump Viewer (Win) will let the user set the resolutions using RDP.

    The iPad, iPhone and Android versions of Jump do support this feature though.

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    Rod Montrose

    This is about 1 1/2 years old and the PC View still doesn't support setting the resolution using RDP.  When will the new version be coming out with this support?

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    Josh Way

    Just adding some support for this "feature".  I would pay for this...  I work on 3 identical spanning monitors and Jump wants to work in full screen automatically.  Then of course, when in windowed mode it is at a strange 4096 x 1080 resolution.

    What's the status on this?

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    John Binns

    Please add this, its so annoying.  I use jump on my desktop to hit other machines almost more than my mobile device.

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    Jeff Tapia


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    I can set resolution in iPhone using RDP protocol, but I cannot do in Windows Jump Desktop.

    RDP setting in Windows has parameter,




    Could you implement such parameter in Jump Desktop RDP mode on windows(and Mac OS)?


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