How can I take a screenshot of the active window in my RDP Session?



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    Jump Desktop Support

    Hi John,

    Which keyboard are you using on your Mac? Generally - sending a Print Screen on a MacBook's limited keyboard is accomplished by clicking the  'Remote' menu and then clicking Send Key -> Print Scrn.


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    John Jardine

    Oh right I forgot to mention I'm using a non-mac keyboard. 

    I use the Max Nighthawk X9 seen here:

    Thanks, that actually does help, but then I have the picture to size manually, where alt-printscreen does that for you. I tried holding the alt key while select that menu, but it didn't seem to register the combination. If there is a way to enter this key combination please let me know.




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    John Jardine

    "I have to crop the picture to size manually." is what that should have read.

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    Charles Carnal

    I have a full Mac keyboard with a numeric keypad. I want to do an alt printscreen to capture a particular active window on the remote PC. When I get the entire screen, crop leaves little resolution of the desired window. Is it  possible to do this? If not, will this become a future feature?

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