Feature request: track pad style mouse control



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    Jump Desktop Support

    Are you using Jump on an iPad or iPhone? If so connect to your computer and tap the settings icon in the tool bar. In 'Gesture Profile', select 'Trackpad'.

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    Brian Hansen

    Android :-) 

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    Jonathan Brochu

    I second that suggestion of a trackpad mode for the Android platform.

    I recently moved from an iOS device to an Android device, and when setting up my connections & controlling the computers I'm responsible for I found myself looking for the trackpad-style mode, although I wasn't completely sure if it was there before on the iOS platform since I also use RealVNC, which has it (for computers with VNC servers not compatible/configured with the 3.3 protocol).

    Just to be sure, I'm referring to a mouse input where the entire touchscreen serves as a virtual trackpad to move the pointer around and send clicks (I think it was: quick single tap for one click, quick double tap for dbl-click, long stationary press for right-click and double tap+hold for holding the primary button, i.e. when dragging), with the view of the remote screen automatically panning to keep the pointer in view.

    I know you're not necessarily basing your roadmap on feature requests, but it'd be great in the long run to have it for the Android platform too. I've also seen a few requests of the same type @ http://support.jumpdesktop.com/entries/280968 . Oh, and in case you decide to increase the price for the Android app, know that I already paid for the app, so I can't really contribute more :/ (you probably did it for the iOS platform because when i purchased it back then it was 11.99)

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    jump is my favorite vnc client on my galaxy nexus... and i have purchased that... but I'd like trackpad style for android (also inverted style, if I move my finger upside, the pointer go down and if I move left, the pointer go right)

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