Is clipboard sharing available in the Mac AppStore version?



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    It doesn't seem to be working in the Mac Appstore version.

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    Jump Desktop Support

    Edit: Updated content for the new Jump Desktop 5.0 release:

    1. As of now Jump Desktop 5.0 for Mac clipboard syncing now works universally (Mac to Mac/Windows/Linux). When connecting to Macs, you will need to manually 'pull' the remote keyboard by clicking the 'Remote' -> 'Get clipboard' menu. Jump Desktop 5.0 will be available Oct 14th 2014 on the web and a little later on the Mac App Store.

    2. If you're having trouble with clipboard syncing on RDP connections - take a look at this trouble shooting article:



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    Aaron P.

    So.... That sucks.

    I'm a Mac user almost entirely. I bought Jump for it's great Mac to Windows support (I work in IT) but without Mac to Mac copy and paste it's basically useless.

    Where can I find the betas and/or are you planning to release a 4.0.5 with just the copy & paste enabled?


     ~ Dr.Peril

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    Jump Desktop Support

    Aaron, just shoot an email to and ask them for the Mac beta. They'll add you to the beta ASAP.

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