Cannot find the option to use Windows Gestures



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    Jasobah Basch
    I have just realized that it requires an RDP connection (which windows 8 home edition does not support) Well there goes $15. The only place I could find this info was deep in the "Changes to IOS section" ( ), I would recommend making it a little more known that Wndows 8 home edition does not support it, of course, that would mean less app sales, so that's out of the question. Will the gestures ever be available over VNC connection? Or should I just count this one as a loss?
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    Jump Desktop Support

    @Jasonbah I'm sorry about the misunderstanding. Touch Redirection was listed in the RDP section of Jump Desktop's features but you're right, we didn't do a good job warning users that it only works on Windows Pro. It's a challenge to communicate the difference between RDP and VNC features effectively (RDP supports touch redirection as well as a bunch of other feature).  We've updated the 'Important Notice' section in the iTunes app store description to the following:

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Audio streaming, remote printing and Windows 8 Touch Redirection are NOT supported when connecting to Mac OS X and PCs running Windows ‘Home’ edition.

    Refund: Can you please email and ask for refund instructions? We'll let you know how to get a full refund from Apple.

    Again - really sorry about the misunderstanding.

    Edited: I'd like to add that our main promo video on the website ( includes in the opening title that touch redirection is  available for "Windows 8 Pro". The video has been up on the website every since we launched the touch redirection feature back in October 2012. Our intention wasn't to mislead. It's been difficult to try and explain to users how the features are segregated between RDP and VNC.

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