How To Copy File From Remote PC To Macbook Pro



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    Jump Desktop Support

    Hi Bill,

    When you share a folder with the PC, the folder appears on your PC as a disk drive. On your PC you can open up the drive and paste files directly into the shared drive. Try this:

    1. After connecting to your Windows 7, double click the "Computer" icon.

    2. Explorer should show you a list of drives attached to the computer including the shared folder - in your case this the drive will be called 'data'. 

    3. Just copy paste files inside WIndows 7 the remote to the 'data' drive on your Windows 7 machine.

    4. Once you're done pasting the files open up the '/users/macbook/documents/data' directory on your MacBook and you'll be able to see the files you pasted in step #3 there.

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    Bill Artman

    Thanks for the refresher.  It worked!  I just could not remember how to do it!


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    terry malloy


    I have the trial version (3.0.5) installed and connect from MacProOSLion to Windows XP Profesional. Connect thru Sonicwall SSL VPN client.

    The shared folder is defined on my MacPro but cannot find a drive for file sharing on the Windows PC.  Any sugestions?



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    Jump Desktop Support

    @Terry, in your computer's settings in Jump make sure you check the Folder Sharing option in the Peripherals section. 

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