multiple gmail accounts



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    Would be nice if support answered this question - nearly three years

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    Tom Truitt

    I have a co-worker that works from her home office that I need to remote access.  I would think you could add a second gmail account to allow remote access.  I know Google apps have Chrome Remote Desktop but I would like to be able to use Jump Desktop.

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    Jump Desktop Support

    In Oct 2015 we introduced the Jump Desktop Connect app which replaced the older version of the automatic setup client. Jump Desktop Connect supports adding multiple accounts on the remote computer. Although the viewers still support only single accounts, users can now give access to multiple Google / Jump Desktop accounts to their computer by pressing the + button on the top right hand corner of the Jump Desktop Connect app. In the near future we're going to add the ability to remotely invite other users as well.


    Hope this answers your question. 

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