Peer to peer communication



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    Ian Heath



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    Jump Desktop Support


    1. Direct IP addresses only work inside the local LAN.

    2. Traffic will flow using the local LAN if both devices are on the same network. More info: Jump Desktop Connect tries it's best to create a direct connection between the two devices (i.e. what you call peer-to-peer). In our experience we can create a direct connection in 90% of the cases. If either device is behind a heavily firewalled network, we might need to fallback to using one of our relay servers across the globe (the other 10% of cases). Note: Connection data is always encrypted end-to-end - even when connecting over your local LAN or across the internet. This way your connection remains secure and also our relay servers can't see the unencrypted traffic between our devices - this is very important from a privacy / security perspective.



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