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    Jump Desktop Support (Edited )


    Just want to say that we've just released the first Windows beta with RDP support.

    Download the beta using this link: https://jumpdesktop.com/downloads/jdwin/JumpDesktop- .

    Tip: Click Help -> Whats New to learn about whats new in this release.

     Also: We've made a ton of improvements to Fluid in this release. Please do give it another chance.
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    Brad Wright

    C Zelinski, I agree with you that "fluid desktop" kills Jump Desktop... at least these latest builds do. 

    What I can't figure out is why RDP and VNC show up in the Advanced Settings of the non-beta version of the client, yet they aren't supported AT ALL.

    In my testing I have discovered that the client for tablets and phones may be working while the desktop client has been neglected. This needs to be resolved ASAP. At the very LEAST the developers could have left the original clients alone and worked on this "fluid" garbage strictly in the beta builds.

    What a shit show.

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    Jump Desktop Support

    Hi Folks,

    Than you for the feedback and sorry to hear you're having trouble with Fluid (I'll address issues with Fluid below). We're actively working on re-adding RDP support to Jump Desktop for Windows right now. RDP support will land in the next update. That being said:

    1. The only platform that is affected is Jump Desktop for Windows. Jump Desktop for iOS, Android and Mac have RDP and VNC support. @Brad This is also why you see the RDP and VNC options in Jump Desktop Connect's Advanced settings.
    2. Jump Desktop for Windows is a complete re-write of the original PC Viewer and we agree with you: we made the mistake of releasing it without taking the time to re-implementing features that were important to our customers. We should have added RDP support before retiring the old PC Viewer. We're sorry about this and are actively working on fixing this for the next release.


    • Sound redirection + drag and drop file sharing + screen resizing: The next iteration of Fluid will add support for these features. And it will work when connecting to all editions of Windows (not just Pro + Server) and Macs. 
    • Lock screen support: Lock screen support works when connecting TO Macs but we've run into technical issues while implementing Windows lock screen support. We're still looking into this for Windows and consider this a very important feature. 

    Hope this helps - do let us know what you think - particularly where Fluid falls short for your needs. We're actively developing and iterating on Fluid.


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    Brad Wright

    @Jump I appreciate the swift reply!

    It was only a bit frustrating to download the non-beta client, only to discover that the functionality that I've come to love is missing. 

    I'm looking forward to RDP support again.

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    Christopher Kelley

    While we are waiting for the next update to fix some of the problems (it's been almost 5 months since the last update) how can we use RDP now?  Fluid just doesn't have the features we need. We've waited patiently, but if we can't use RDP in the meantime it's time to move on to different software.

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    C Zelinski

    Honestly, I think the time has come.  The "update" to Fluid has killed this product for us.  Even if Jump managed to get everything straightened out and working today, we would have significant doubts about their ability to provide a quality service going forward.  The decision to push forward with such a unfinished product indicates more than just technical issues.  It is a sign of seriously misguided decisions at the management level.  And this long, long wait for improvements indicates a development cycle that is ponderously slow.  That might be fine for someone looking for a free product to help out old Aunt Edna with her computer problems in Kansas.  This is not acceptable for an enterprise environment.

    So anyone have any other products they like?  It's been a while since I checked the market.  I guess it's time to start looking again   :-)

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