JD says my Remote (W7pro) PC is OFFLINE & won’t connec, but I can File Share with it. Can I reboot it Via opening some file in FileSharing.



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    Steve Fassman

    This isn’t as complicated as it sounds: I can access every PC DRIVE AND FOLDER by File Sharing. I know how to remote reboot by CPrompt COMMAND. Can I OPEN THE C PROMPt Window And type in the command,,OR CLICK some other visible file, or .exe file buried somewhere in visible fikeshared folders, to ,lREBOOT the PC-
    So JD CAN RECONNECT as it’s supposed to? Thanks.

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    Jump Desktop Support

    Although I don't know how to restart a computer via File sharing, but perhaps you can try an alternate strategy: Connect to your office iMac and then try try opening up "Jump Desktop" on the iMac and try to manually connect to the computer using RDP: Open up Jump (again this is on the remote iMac) and then click File -> Quick Connect. Then select RDP and enter the WIn7 machine's ip address - make sure "Type" is set to RDP.. Then try to connect. 



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    Steve Fassman

    Wouldn’t this also work using my home Mac or must they be on the same LAN IN THE OFFICE? Thanks.

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    Steve Fassman

    ***ATT SUPPOT****Small issue solved. Huge issue created

    The Cause of the “MIA” Office Mac, that no longer was on line to connect to, ( Booted 24/7  in Win 7/  under Boot Camp, which runs my Business Apps), was that a Windows Update fried the BC Drivers, causing Win 7 to not reboot at all, (or boot to a dead  BLACK SCREEN.

    4 Days of APPLE SUPPORTS Senior Division, created an endless spinning pinwheel, I was forced to Get a PC to run my business.

    So, I dnlded, & installed  JD for Win 10 on the new PC, , but could not log on via my Google PW, to activate it.

    1. I forgot the google PW that is in  use for years,  on 4 Macs, the now dead & erased Boot Camp PC, 2 iphones, & 2 ipads. I know I changed my Google Chrome PW last week, and Google asked for this on every device mentioned above.

    **I tried that to activate the new Win 10 installation, but that didnt work!.I tried to use the original Google/GMail (arent they the same??), but that didnt work!  PW  So how do I get JD Win 10 to work,? or Can I retrieve the actual PW, that JD is now using?

    As n alternative, How do I log on to the Massc Computers & the new Win 10 PC, using VPN, should the google PW not work for any reason? Thanks so much.

    Your very happy customerofr many years! SF

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    Steve Fassman

    I couldn’t get the iMac to REMOTE INTO the Dell with RDC.
    I was able to remote into thr Office iMac from the home Mac using JD, but something very weird happens: the remote screen redraws 1 une at a time, a few blocks at a time. I had to see the screen to greyscale, low bandwidth, and the redraw was still ridiculous. KB & mouse clicks took minutes to respond! What’s going on. JD HAS BEEN INSTANTSNEOUS IN EVERY ASPECT FIR YEARS!
    When the home Mac remoted into the office iMac using Splashtop Personal, that worked fine. I prefer JD, the remote screen is so much sharper, and The remote printing is incredible.
    **IS THERE ANY WAY TO GET THE WORKING PASSWORD FROM JD directly, or from some visible or invisible logs hiding in a folder in the the Mac?

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