No sound on iOS through Fluid



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    Jump Desktop Support

    Not at the moment, but this is going to be added very soon for Fluid v2.

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    Jason Law

    Just so you're aware, we've been getting the same answer for over 6 months every time this is asked. So very soon doesn't necessarily mean very soon. They also have not given any sort of road map or timeline for these features either. Once thing Jump Desktop could really work on is communicating with their community. Jump certainly has the most promising protocol so far with fluid, but far fewer downloads it seems than the competition. Audio, cloudless support and better community teams seem to be the biggest things missing from the equation.

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    Jp Bersier

    January 31 2019!!!! Still no sound!
    Please give us some hope!


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    Jump Desktop Support

    Guys - I promise - this is coming. Thank you for your patience. 

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