Hide desktop screen when being remote controlled




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    Jump Desktop Support

    Hi, this is possible when connecting to a Mac- however you need to do this manually at the moment - we'll automate this very soon though: 

    1. First make sure you're connecting using Fluid Remote Desktop (this is the default option if you've setup your Mac in the last couple of years).

    2. Open up System Preferences on your Mac and the 'Users & Groups'. Then click 'Login Options' and make sure 'Show fast user switching menu' is CHECKED. Once you check it, you will see a new option in the menubar on the top right hand corner.

    Thats it - the next time you connect to the remote machine, from within the remote, click the fast switching menu bar on the top right hand corner and then click 'Login Window'. Once you do this, your physical monitor will be locked but your remote session will continue on.

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    Anthony Mellor

    me too

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    needed as well

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