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    Sascha Vogel

    I´ve a very similar question. Maybe I don´t exactly understand the technique behind Jump Desktop. But it seemes to me that the remote component Jump Connect is set as a startup application per user.

    So would it be necessary to have it installed and running one time for EACH user who should be able to log in?

    At the moment I only could manage it for ONE user accessed by different registred Jump users.

    Also we would appreciate to have not remotely access the Mac from outside by administrative user account if this is possible.

    Maybe a  kind of technical user with standard rights for Jump Connect would be a solution?

    Also I had problems after automatic updates with restart of the remote machine since Jump Connect seemes not to be started as a system deamon. So I had to physical access the remote machine which is very unhandy ...

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    Yes, I totally agree. I also need a jumpdesktop daemon or agent version which makes it possible to access remotly a macOS and the login with any kind of user. E.g. teamviewer works like this.

    @Jumpdesktop pls. put this on your roadmap.



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