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    Jump Desktop Support

    HI Richard,

    Not at the moment. Although internally it is supported, we disabled copy pasting in 'Share your screen' for the initial release due to security concerns. You generally don't want your paste board sync'd with the remote machine automatically unless you trust it. We're still figuring out how to expose this properly. Let me know if you have any thoughts about this.

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    Richard Hudson

    This is one of the most useful features of TeamViewer.

    When I'm working on a customer's PC and I need to download a utility from my dropbox I simply have to copy/paste the link into their browser. Also if I've installed their replacement anti-virus I can simply copy/paste the very long licence key in.

    This is a pain at the moment and it normally means I end up switching back to Teamviewer for most of my remote jobs which is a real shame.


    What are the security concerns? Surely if the customer has given you remote access to their PC there are bigger security concerns for them?!!





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    Jump Desktop Support (Edited )

    Thanks for this. Understood that it's a very useful feature. The security concern was actually on YOUR side - not the customer side. For example - lets say you have confidential data copied to your clipboard before you connect or while you're helping the customer (for example you take a break and switch to another window to do some other work). That was the main concern - we wanted to protect the other partner's data.


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