4K Monitor Export - iPad Pro 2018



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    Kevin White

    4k output would be fantastic.  Just got the new iPad Pro with usb-c, and with 4k video out, jump desktop would become a fantastic business tool with 4k output support.

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    Bernhard Straub

    Great idea, would make the iPad Pro 2018 even more useful.

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    Fabian Thieme

    Moreover I hope that there will be support for the new 3:2 aspect ratio of the iPad Pro 2018 11 inch. 

    By the way, how did you people handle the whole aspect ratio thing ? I manually change it  through the app in the Nvidia settings (to 4:3 right now), is there a faster way?



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    Shikhir Arora

    Second this. Just got the iPad Pro 12.9” and one of the main reasons for it was to use a RDC like Jump; using the Apple Keyboard right now and Swiftpoint mouse and have this little USB-C adapter (https://www.amazon.com/Anker-Adapter-Delivery-Charging-Chromebook/dp/B07DD8BLJW/ref=dp_ob_title_ce)  and would love to see this implemented!

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