Apple Pen Pressure?



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    Jump Desktop Support

    Hi, at the moment no, however we’re going to consider this: Can you please tell me a little more about how you plan to use the Jump with Photoshop? Also which OS are you in? Mac or Windows?

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    Gabby Bro

    I’d like to use it for cartoon art and animation in photoshop, which pressure sensitivity is very important in drawing with any tablet. I am using a windows 10 pc.

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    Jimbob hobbes

    Hello Jump Desktop Support,

    I take this opportunity to say that Gabby isn't the only person to want the ‘Pen Presure’. I am a big Zbrush user (Zbrush is a 3D sculpting program that is only on PC and MAC)

    If you google « Zbrush Ipad Pro » on Youtube, you’ll see a lot of people finding alternative solution to get Zbrush working on Ipad

    Jump Desktop is absolutely awesome to make Zbrush work. Unfortunately not having Pen Presure is a big problem when you use Zbrush

    If you need more informations about Zbrush or Photoshop don't hesitate to ask

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    Evil Weenie

    Yes 100% why is pressure sensitivity not enabled for jump desktop. If it is you would have a flood of new users. I know and am friends with a massive collective of artists that use the Ipad because it's so convenient as a an artist tool. If you implemented pressure support I would tell as many Ipad users as possible. 

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