Switching desktops on a Mac



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    Jump Desktop Support


    You can switch between desktops / spaces using the Ctrl + Left Arrow / Right Arrow shortcuts. Also - the onscreen keyboard has a mapping for this too if you bring up the keyboard and then swipe the top rows of keys. You’ll see a button with a little monitor icon and arrows pointing left or right.

    At the moment there is no way to do this with the Swiftpoint mouse - but this a good suggestion. We’ll consider adding this.

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    Marc Goldman

    Thank you for the quick reply. Although I feel a little stupid now! I could have sworn I had tried that, must have tried every key combination other than that.

    It does quite well switching between desktops considering I'm currently running on a 34" ultra-wide monitor!

    It would be great if you could add it to Swiftpoint, it's something I need a lot, especially if I'm going to cope with a small screen.

    Is there any hope you'll be able to support other BT devices? I find it hard to live without my Magic mouse now...

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    Jump Desktop Support

    Swiftpoint: We'll definitely look into this.

    Other BT Devices: We're always looking for other BT mice to support. At the moment though, iOS requires explicit support from the mouse - so the manufacturer has to build the support in.


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