Slow Performance



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    Mike Spence

    The Mac is running off a connection with 200mbps. The Windows Desktop is using a connection of around 17mpbs



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    Jump Desktop Support

    Should be snappy. Which version of Windows are you running? Also can you shoot us an email with your Jump Desktop logs from the Mac: Reproduce the problem and then click Help -> Diagnostic Logs and then attach the zip file in an email to: - be sure to reference this thread or it's content in the email.

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    Mike Spence

    It's definitely not 'snappy, sadly! It used to be but in the last 2 weeks performance has really dropped off.

    Windows 10.

    Email sent, thanks

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    Hi folks,


    I'm having a similar issue.

    Whether connecting ipad to Laptop, or Laptop to PC.

    I've been using Jump for several months now, it's always been laggy on fast connections. I saw a video review of the product which was many times more responsive than I've found.


    Windows 10 pro on all computers, 12.9 second gen iPad Pro.

    I'd like to use fluid, however I need the machine I remote into to remain locked.


    Any help with this?





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