Direct touch gesture



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    Andrew holybee

    This doesn't seem to be supported. When you are connected to a computer click the wrench in the upper right of your screen. Each mode has a I for info button it will describe what each mode has available and zoom is not include with direct as I believe thats to keep it to scale but does seem strange that it is omitted in that mode.

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    Yair Assaf

    Thanks, Andrew! 

    Is this something on the roadmap from the product side? 


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    Jump Desktop Support

    We can certainly look into adding this. Can you tell me a little more about how you're using Jump? 

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    Yair Assaf

    Hi There, 

    My name is Yair and I am a senior product manager - Head of tennis at PlaySight. 

    We are looking into integrating your amazing app to connect to our servers, at this point we are looking to

    do this for our tennis product.

    Our state of the art video analysis software is helping over 70 college programs in the states including a strong partnership with the USTA and many more facilities and federations worldwide. 

    What we basically want to do now is to remove the on-court kiosk console that we have today on a tennis court

    and use the JUMP app on an iPad instead. 

    I can send you a video of how I'm using this if you'd like?

    It would be great if I could get in contact with someone from your product team to raise some points we are

    encountering during our research and tests. 

    Well done on a great product! 

    Thank you for your support. 




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