iOS Jump Appdoes not connect to ViewSonic monitor



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    Jump Desktop Support

    Hi Harish, After you connect, can you please tap the semi-opaque bar at the top of the iPad's screen and then tap the monitor icon -> Screen Options and select a different screen resolution?

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    Harish Sharma


    Thanks for quick follow up. 

    Using the semi-opaque bar, I tried different resolutions. The monitor supports 2556 x 1440. Apps (iPAD, iPhone) seems to identify it correctly. But the monitor screen is blank. 

    When I change resolution to anything else like 2556 x 1090 etc. a Low resolution and skewed (distorted) screens is displayed.

    When I change to 2556 x 1440 manual (after using some other resolution), the monitor shows chopped screen (1/4 screen on the right side is blank/cutoff). On initial connection,  the same resolution is auto-selected, but the monitor is blank.


    The iPad App crashed a few times and the log was sent to your servers 


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    Jump Desktop Support

    Thanks for the detail description Harish. We're about to release a new update tomorrow (8.3.14). Can you please wait for it and try it out when it comes out and let me know if it helps?


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    Harish Sharma


    I just installed the new App and tested it on the iPAD. The issue persists. It is not fixed in this release:

    1. I launched the App after rebooting iPAD

    2. Connected to Windows 10 Desktop on Local LAN

    3. RDP session launched with Swiftpoint GT support

    4. Connected HDMI Cable

    5. App on the iPAD Resized

    6. Monitor remained blank

    7. App on iPAD was unresponsive for a while

    8. App on iPAD became responsive after a while

    9. Monitor remamined blank

    10. Resized the resolution from the translucent bar (1992 x 1080)

    11. A skewed window showed up on the monitor

    12. Changed the resolution to 2556 x 1440

    13. App froze for a while

    14. Screen showed up on the Monitor, but it was not the right riled.

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