Continual Disconnections




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    Jump Desktop Support (Edited )

    Andy - are you using the 'Jump Desktop Connect' app on the remote machines? If so, can you please try this for me: On your local Mac, quit Jump Desktop. Then open up 'Keychain access' and click on the 'login' row on the top left and 'All items' on the bottom left. Then search for 'Jump Desktop Auth Tokens' and delete it. Then open up Jump Desktop again - you'll have to relogin into your Jump Desktop account: File -> Sign In.

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    Jump Desktop Support


    Can you please let me know which OS you're connecting from? 

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    Andy Fielder

    Hi its Mac OS Mojave 10.14.3 it doesn't seem as bad today but is still freezing and then reconnecting after about 45 seconds.


    It is working fine from iOS 



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    Andy Fielder

    Hi that seems to have fixed it :-) thank you !!!!

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