Jump Desktop Fluid Resolution Keeps Changing



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    Dan A

    Ditto - following

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    Jump Desktop Support

    Hi there: You might have 'Resolution Matching' enabled in Jump: Connect to the remote machine and then click Remote -> Displays and uncheck 'Match Resolution. 

    We released resolution matching in our prior round of updates (though it is only enabled for newly discovered connections). 

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    Jeff Rowberg

    I am still having the same problem, Jump Desktop version 8.2.6 on Windows 10. I'm certain the connections are set up correctly:

    Settings -> Display -> Resolution = "Same a remote computer"

    (NOTE: that "a" vs. "as" typo is actually in the app...should probably be fixed)

    Whenever I open the connection to the target machine (also running Windows 10), it works perfectly. I can open, use, close, and repeat the process with no issues. However, if I leave the connection open and let the laptop go to sleep, then when it auto-connects after waking up, it always switches to 1024x768. I have to change the resolution to the wrong setting and then back again to fix it in the already-open session.

    It seems to be a bug in Jump Desktop where it doesn't observe the resolution setting when re-opening a connection after exiting suspend/hibernate mode.

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