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    Stephen Suley (Edited )


    Jump customer for the last several years. I've been waiting for this day for what seems like forever. Can you please update Jump to make best use of the new mouse support baked into iOS 13?

    I also have the new Bydrge Pro keyboard for my 2018 iPad Pro 11"  and all I need now is remote access with proper mouse support and I no longer have to travel with my laptop. 

    Please tell us this is going to happen soon.  I'll beta test.


    Thank you for the great work. 

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    Luke Ottrey (Edited )


    It already works!  You just need to enable the function in Accessibility

    I have the Citrix X1 also (the mouse which has been explicitly supported in the app for a while now); and while I haven't tested side by side, it appears the X1 integration is a little better IMO and from my memory of how the X1 works.  Remember: the iOS-native mouse support is to be used as a substitute to your finger; ie: there is no mouse tracking in the RDP session of the non-X1 mouse.  You see the iOS cursor on the screen, but when you click it, the "mouse in session" moves over to that area and clicks.  That, and (in my testing) to get right-click working you need to change the "Gesture Profile" in JD to be "Pen" and then hold the left mouse button down long to get the right-click in RDP.

    But, for getting up and going - it already works and it's better than nothing if you don't have the X1 -- and maybe the better solution is for companies like Logitech (who makes the MX Anywhere 2S that I LOVE) to integrate with the folks at Jump Desktop; since Apple may not ever truly open up the iPad for what we would consider "Great" mouse support.

    If anyone else tries it out, interested to see how you configure your environments to be productive.



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    See my comments here on this issue:

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