Jump Desktop listening on port 53660? How to disable?



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    Jump Desktop Support (Edited )


    The listening port is opened to communicate with the Jump for Mac SDK . Third parties use the Jump SDK to implement RDP virtual channels plugins for RDP connections. These plugins are used by partners like ThinPrint's Mac client to communicate with special server software when connecting to Windows machines over RDP connections.

    The listening port and the communications that happen is very different from Zoom:

    1. The communication does not use the HTTP protocol - so it can not be triggered by something like your web browser.
    2. The listening port is always randomly chosen by the OS when you start Jump. If you restart Jump right now, you'll see that the listening port has changed.
    3. The listening port is always torn down when you quit Jump.
    4. The communication is always local to your machine (however, it looks like it's binding to all interfaces - see below).

    At the moment there is no way to disable this feature, however, here's what we've changed for our new release:

    1. We've added a new preference option to control SDK integration, so you can turn it off.
    2. We've also tightened the listening interfaces and made it so that it only listens for incoming connections from localhost (this is a bug).

    Let me know if you have further questions about this.



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    Mike O

    Very thorough and helpful response. Thanks!

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